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One More Reason to Smile



Trust our hygienists to treat you with compassion and care.  We are experts at making you comfortable!  How?  Well, our hygienist have been doing this for awhile, and they have become pretty good at accomodating your needs.  Anxious?  No problem.  Need in and out?  We got you.  Like to chat a bit?  Hey, we've got a few funny stories.  Bottom line: YOU ARE OUR PRIORITY!

Crowns and Bridges

Trust Dr. Zirkle does some of the nicest crown preperations known to mankind.  What is a crown preperation?  Well, its all that stuff the dentist does to your tooth to get it ready for a crown.  This stuff matters, and the nicer the foundation the crown has to sit on, the longer it will last and the nicer it will feel.  Your crown will be extremely strong, and will look exceptionally nice.  We use only the best materials available to match our precise work.

Root Canals

Trust Dr. Zirkle will give you the best advise regarding any tooth that needs a root canal.  We are not shy about tackling root canals, and we have a million of them under our belt.  If we think your tooth has a better prognosis with a specialist, then that is what we will recommmend.  We always have your best interest in mind!


Trust Dr. Zirkle will make your filling appointment a breeze.  Nobody likes to hear they need a filling.  You are not alone.  Trust we use the best materials, no matter what the cost is.  You deserve the best!  We have it.  Trust that this will be a painless procedure, and will probably get done quicker and with a nicer final result then you are used to.  


Trust having a tooth extracted by Dr. Zirkle will be done with care.  This can be a particularly anxious time.  Trust Dr. Zirkle has alot of experience extracting teeth.  He will put you at ease, and have the tooth out in no time in the safest possible way.


Trust our staff will make you and your family as comfortable as possible.  How do we know that?  Well first of all, we are all parents!  We've been down this road too.  So, whether its just the 6 month cleaning, or your child needs a tooth extracted, or a fillling.....we are here for you.  

All the other stuff

Trust Dr. Zirkle will guide you on the right path when to it comes to all your other dental needs, no matter the complexity. 


Brian Zirkle

Dentist Extraoridinaire

I'm a dentist, husband, and father of 2 little girls.  That consumes 99% of my time.  The last 1% of time I use to do DIY projects, and tinker in the garage.  I grew up working with my hands, and that has stayed with me.  I'm also a huge MSU fan, but like most families we are a family divided so UM fans are welcome.  I also really enjoy traveling and visiting new waterparks with my kids.



Office Superstar

Donna has worked in the dental field for over 20 years.  Before joining Okemos Dental Care, she worked with Dr. Zirkle as an assistant.  She enjoys building relationships with people and is eager to help with any dental or insurance questions.  She has 3 kids and 4 grandchildren.  When not at work she loves spending time with family and friends.

Angela-Dental-Assistant (1).jpg


Hygienist Whiz

Angela received her education in Dental Hygiene from Lansing Community College.  She graduated from the program in 2004, and began working at the office in July of that year. Angela grew up in Holt.  She has two beautiful daughters, a son, and a great husband.  She has a passion for running and enjoys knitting gifts for family and friends.



Hygienist Expert

Denise has worked at the office for over 20 years. She looks forward to seeing her patients, and helping them obtain optimum dental health. Denise has been married to her husband for over 32 years, and has three married children and five grandchildren.  Outside of dentistry, she enjoys traveling to the gulf shores in Alabama, knitting, gardening, walking and spending time with her family.



Assistant Rockstar

Lindsey loves working with people and making their lives better.  She is grateful and excited to be part of the Okemos Dental Care family.  She is happy to provide each and every patient with the care they deserve.  In her free time she enjoys chasing her energetic little boy and spending time with her family and cooking.  She finds reality TV entertaining, and likes to listen to country music. 


Awesome Patients

Sam Kasperski

Love this place.  You can tell Dr. Zirkle cares about his patients not only by the improvements he is making to the office but how the old staff are 100% on board.  As always, reception was great, cleaning was awesome, and doctor was friendly.  Can't ask for much more.  

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